Personal Mysteries Investigated

We all have questions we've carried with us a while. They persist because they are difficult to answer and perhaps matter more to us than they do to the making of money.

Many of these questions involve a lost location, an unknown source, or some other spatial mystery. These are the kinds of questions I help you to better understand by investigating them on your behalf using a broad range of tools and techniques such as:

Bring me up to speed on a mystery that matters to you and I will design and carry out a research regimen and plan of analysis to investigate it further

I'll keep your secrets safe and if you choose to retain my services I'll deliver a detailed report with all relevant maps, charts, and materials within the agreed upon time.

Please note that while I do perform investigative field work on retainer that does not mean I'm a private investigator. If you need someone followed or a license plate ran or anything in that realm then you need to call a PI.

And if you need to know the location of a legal property boundary then you should definitely call a survey chief instead of me.

Similarly if you just need business analytics or market research done there are plenty of other options available to you.

But if you're wondering:

I can help you find answers.

This is bespoke data analysis at fair rates* for anyone with a question that compels them.

The first consulting session is free. Just write me an email with a brief overview of the mystery weighing on you and we'll go from there. If you were referred by a friend or institution please include that information.

And whatever else today is I hope it is good to you!

-Jeremy Roark
Muddy Boots Data


*interesting trades considered

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